About Us

    LP MAN is a modern, constantly developing company that is dedicated to design, development and production of indoor (interior) and outdoor (exterior) applications of functional design.
    The company specializes in production of furniture, doors, tiles, and the way of their technical and surface design that reflect the current fashion trends. Vision and custom product development help the LP MAN company to enrich the market with new possibilities of integration of comprehensive system solutions and create style that becomes supertemporal.

    Technological patents, which LP MAN company disposes, open the door to a worldwide market. In a short time the LP MAN company has received the attention of architects, real-estate developer and construction companies, as well as supermarket chains and private investors.

    LP MAN company believes in managing to convince the client of the authenticity of it's intention, and that it will be a reliable, credible and strong partner who produces good-class products and delivers innovative solutions into their projects.

Martina Lukáčová

the owner of the company